What Disney Stories Taught Us About Digital Marketing

Have you ever realized that Disney stories has taught us about digital marketing? Apart from the funny stories and happy music, there are some storylines that will inspire brands to optimize their marketing strategy in digital industry. Here are Disney characters with the magical lessons.


Bounche Disney Phineas
(image source: boredbug.com)

This modern Disney cartoon teach us how to dream big and believe that all can be possible. Phineas is a creative person and always ready to create an amazing experiments. Most importantly, he never gives up. To make a great digital marketing, the team have to always be creative and believe in any possibility that lead brands to success.


Bounche Disney Pocanhontas
(image source: Pinterest)

She is a warrior at heart and teaches John Smith that “we are connected to each other”. If we relate to digital marketing, Pocahontas reminds us to stay in touch with clients or consumers and interact with them efficiently through technology. By using social media, brands can interact with direct message or video streaming. Because digital bring us connected to each other.


bounche disney rapunzel
(image source: wallscover)

When she trapped in a tower, she had time to think about strategy to where she wanted to go and focus on it. In digital marketing, strategy is an important role to understand online customers through Google Analytics and also keep digital marketing strategy to stay focus on brand’s goal.

Tigger, Winnie the Pooh

Bounche Disney Winnie the pooh
(image source: pinterest)

Tigger is energetic, fun-loving person and very social/friendly to everyone. Digital marketing need this kind of person as a social media manager. To be social, friendly and build networking. Like Tigger, a good social media manager must be have no problem speaking to everyone, especially on behalf the brand.

Now, consider that even cartoon can inspire digital marketing. So, no need to feel childish to watch Disney movie, right?