Chatbot App: The Promising Future of Customer Services


Everything is demanded to be fast-paced in this modern era. There are only 2 options; be fast or left behind. This is also what happens in the business world . The business which don’t give a fast services and responsive will be left behind, or more precisely will be abandoned by their loyal customers.

Those statement is supported by a data which is launched by, 65% of the customers want to contact the brand easily through instant messenger service. They have high expectations for fast respond and right solutions for every of their question. Starting from here is the breakthrough of technology in the form of Chatbot starts to get more attention from the brands.

Chatbot itself is considered as a useful breakthrough for the development of a brand awareness. Chatbot will give different experience for customers of a brand by answer every question from the customers only in several seconds. Even though the customers realize they are chatting with AI (Artificial Intelligence), but if every of their question get a proper answer, why not?

In Indonesia itself the existence of Chatbot still become something new. Some of the brand which is quite aware of this technology, for examples CIMB Niaga and BCA. CIMB Niaga named their Chatbot, CIMB EVA which has a function like a private customer service. In the meanwhile, BCA named their Chatbot, Vira. Vira can be accessed through some popular chat application, which is Messenger, LINE and also Kaskus Chat.

Chatbot also has a lot of benefits for a brand to answer every simple question which is often asked by the customers (FAQ). Other than that, Chatbot is also very useful to do simple services, such as ordering taxi, ordering food, make a doctor reservation until buy a ticket for movie. Other than that, Chatbot also can be utilized as a brand’s mascot and will give a special trademark for the brand which used Chatbot.

Being rated as a major breakthrough for Business World, The development of Chatbot can’t escape from tough challenges. Start from Chatbot which has difficulties to understand the customer’s question, must use a formal languages to the supporting platform which is still limited is also become a challenge for the development of Chatbot. However, as time goes by all those challenges definitely will be answered nicely by the developer of Chatbot.

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