How Bounchers Celebrate Independence Day

“Lomba Agustusan” is one of the unique tradition to celebrate Independence Day in Indonesia. People from all around the country, from kids to elderly people gather together to join this celebration. Well, In Bounche we celebrate the Independence Day by holding a competition between divisions. There are 5 games and each team will compete each other to get highest points. 

The first game is “Blow Job”. Each contestant has to blow a balloon and use it to shoot down 8 plastic cups on top of table. The fastest to strike down the 8 cups will get a higher point. 

The second game is “Face The Cookie”… The participant will eat an Oreo cookie put on their forehead without using both hands. So, the challenge is they must their face to nudge the cookie slowly into their mouth.

(Image Face The Cookie Games)

The third game is “Twerking Ball”… This is the most hilarious game that we run because the contestants must release the pingpong balls inside tissue box tied on their waist. So, they have to wiggle their hips quickly to pour out all the pingpong balls.

(image Twerking Ball Games)

The fourth game is “Orange Golf”…. It’s like playing a golf with an orange ball. The different is you need to bring the orange to the finish line by using a banana tied with a rope on your waist.


The last game is “Hell’s Food”, each team bring 4 contestants to join this game. It’s about to eat 4 types of food as fast as possible. One of that most challenging food is a Super Spicy Noodle. 


The winner of the competition is Creative Division and each person in the team will get 2 days extra leaves to enjoy their personal time.

That’s how we celebrate our Independence Day. How about you? Follow us on Instagram @bounche_id or check more info on for more future events. See you!