Bounche’s GrEight Adventure in Makassar and Bulukumba

Celebrating our 8th year of business, the main theme of the outing this year is GrEight Adventure. 

Day #1: Thursday, 22nd March 2018

We landed at Hasanuddin International Airport Makassar at 11 AM and our very first destination is the magnificent Rammang-Rammang! A village in the karst mountain range in Maros. In Rammang-Rammang, Bounchers ride a boat to enjoy the awesome atmosphere of the place.

The last destination of the day is Leang-Leang, a prehistoric garden that will brought Bounchers across time through the paintings at cave. In Leang-Leang we can find some prehistoric hand-prints and paintings of anoa and hog deer at cave’s wall. Since it gets dark and rain falls, we have very limited time to explore the place. Then, we end our day to take rest in Aerotel Smile Hotel, Makassar.

Day #2: Friday, 23rd March 2018

Bounchers are ready to take a long journey to go to Tanjung Bira at Bulukumba. In the middle of the journey, we stop at some places. The first place is Fort Rotterdam, Makassar. It is a special place for those who love history. The beautiful fort built in the 17th century on top of existing fort of Gowa Kingdom. The view is really good even the temperature at that time was so high!

Then, we stopped again at pinisi shipbuilder yard, near Bira Village, Bulukumba. We can see the legendary phinisi ship built by the local shipbuilders. We stop there for a moment and the local shipbuilders allow us to go up to the ship’s deck. From the deck we can see how the ship built down there and we can feel the strength of the ship.

Finally, we arrive at Tanjung Bira! We still have time to catch the sunset at the best view. After putting down our luggage in the room, we rush to the beach and find the best place to enjoy the sunset. It was amazing to enjoy the beautiful sunset while our hair blown by the ocean breeze.

In the evening, we spent our time to enjoy dinner with all of the Bounchers. We also have a Bounche Awarding Night to appreciate the Bounchers in some categories. Then, the tour provider give us some instructions and information about the snorkeling activity that will be held tomorrow morning.

Day #3: Saturday, 24th March 2018

At 6 AM Bounchers departed from Tanjung Bira to the snorkeling spots. All of us enjoy the time and the activity. For some Bounchers, this is their first experience to snorkel and it was amaze them. We enjoy the activity till 10 AM and then we go back to our room and pack our goods.

The GrEight Adventure ends when the Bounchers flight back from Makassar to Jakarta. However, the 3 days adventure in Makassar and Bulukumba will never be forgotten by all of Bounchers.