Launched of Acer Avengers Laptops in Indonesia!

Avengers Infinity War Premier Event with Acer

Inspired by Avengers: Infinity War, Acer launched a set of limited edition Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War in Indonesia was held at CGV Grand Indonesia, Jakarta several days ago. There are three models, Nitro 5 – Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War Thanos Edition, Aspire 6 – Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War Captain America Edition and Swift 3 – Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War Iron Man Edition.

Nitro 5 – Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War Thanos Edition is one of Acer products line for casual gamer. Inspired by Thanos’s characters, strong and invulnerable, this laptop built with excellent specs. Powered by 7th Generation Intel Core i5-7300HQ and NVDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics!

Meanwhile, Aspire 6 – Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War Captain America Edition covered with Captain America’s iconic pentagram is equipped with 8th Generation Intel and many powerful specs. For Swift 3 – Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War Iron Man Edition is also equipped with advanced specs and covered by Iron Man’s Arc Reactor in sturdy aluminium.

Acer Avengers Laptops

“The launch of Avengers: Infinity War Special Edition laptops combining the advancement of technology with charming and trendy design. The Acer collaboration with international brand entertainment, Marvel, produce a breakthrough for Acer’s users and especially Marvel’s fans for having best technology product to actualize themselves to be creative,” said Herbet Ang, President Director Acer Indonesia.

Excitement and joy at the event

At this moment, there were not only welcoming this special edition of Acer Avengers laptops, but also many great moment. For instance, cosplayer from Marvel’s community in Indonesia, Komunitas Marvel Indonesia, wearing Iron Man, Thanos, Captain America, Spiderman and Ant Man! Yes, they successfully stole the eye of people at the event!

Off course, the venue decoration is also important. There were some Avengers element at some area. There was a half circle gate at the entrance with signs of Acer and Avengers, while at the photo booth background was decorated with Acer and Avengers image. And when people came to the Acer products booth, the design was also eye catching! People can see big symbols of Thanos, Iron Man, and Captain America behind every product and another image of Acer collaboration with Avengers.

What made this event more fun? There were some famous Indonesian YouTube gamer, Brand Ambassador of Acer Predator Warrior and also Indonesian actor attend this event. With their enthusiasm at this event, they all agreed that the limited edition laptops of Acer Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War are build with perfect design and specification.

Acer Avengers Laptops

Not enough for only sharing the moment of these three products, the event was even getting more exciting! After celebrating the product launched, then it was time for watching the premier movie of Avengers: Infinity War with influencers, journalists, bloggers, and Marvel’s community! You can imagine how was the euphoria in that studio! They were very thrilled, entertained and satisfied by 2,5 hours non-stopping action of this movie!

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